Let's Get Political

As we approach the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the Moon, I am nostalgic for the days when science was held in greater esteem.  Perhaps like me, you are shocked to witness the destructive effects of science illiteracy on the United States.  Good science is essential for the continued success and well-being of our country.  In my opinion, the time to re-assert science into politics is long overdue.

      Because dangerous anti-science activism has become endemic in US politics, I have started the political action committee, Pac for Science.  The objective is to support candidates who understand the importance of the scientific method.  There are advantages for us working together as a PAC.  Unlike contributions that an individual donor can make to a single candidate, there is no such limit on how much a donor can give to a political action committee.  Also, a PAC can campaign for a candidate as long as there is no direct coordination between the two entities.  

     For now, PAC for Science will focus primarily on Washington state races. We plan to donate directly to the campaigns of candidates we have vetted as being pro-science. We also plan media buys for our candidates as well. Please consider a donation to the PAC for Science at .  Your generosity will help return our country to a sane direction.  

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