Why did we form PAC for Science?


We think that science illiteracy has negative consequences on America's quality of life, global competitiveness and self-government.  We seek to support Science in the political arena by supporting candidates who understand the scientific method and who pledge to scientific integrity when legislating.

What criteria does PAC for Science use for endorsing candidates?

Candidates are asked to answer the following questions:  


        Do you understand and support the scientific method of inquiry?

       Do you think superstition should take precedence 

       over science when legislating and developing public policy?

       To the best of your knowledge, what is the age of the planet Earth,

       4 Billion Years or 5,000 years old?


        Do you think that medical science is best practiced when evidence-



        Do you think vaccines cause autism or are otherwise unsafe?


        Do you think that human activity and the accumulation of                            carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has produced climate change                  on our planet?


       Will you support legislation to help develop clean energy alternatives        to fossil fuels?

        Do you think that there are scientifically valid alternatives to                     evolution as an explanation for the origin of life on our planet?           

       Do you think alternative explanations to evolution for the origin of        life should be taught in schools as Science?


Is PAC for Science non-partisan?

 We support candidates and policy based on their adherence to  scientific principles.